What Is The
Doula Process?

Every person is different and what I do for each of my birthing mothers is customised to what they need and want from me. But to give you an overall idea of the process and how simple it is…

We book in a obligation free chat. Having someone at your birth is super personal… so we see if i’m a good match for you. I want you to have the best birth experience and feel comfortable with me on your support team. So feel free to interview me, ask me anything and let’s see if i’m the right fit for you and your family.

I come to you & dad and now it’s my turn to ask you what you want for your birth. We cover, what you envision & any concerns you have. I explain basic procedures and what to expect. We create a birth plan together and equip you with any additional information you need to feel in control and empowered for this special event.

In the third trimester we usually meet twice with you and your partner. We begin to finalise your birth plan, hopefully you have completed childbirth education and we also focus on postpartum planning and what to expect when you have a newborn. You’ll learn what you can expect from me and  I’ll identify any special requests you have. We also practice pain relief strategies and visualisation techniques. Really it’s about what you & dad really need on the day. If you go over your due date, we often meet again to discuss and revisit your plans & thoughts.

Today is the day we have been waiting for! In the prep stage you will know when to call me & what to expect so once I have got the call I will be there to support you through this beautiful birthing process. Whether it’s a spontaneous birth, you’ve booked an induction or now planned a late caesarean I’m guiding, directing and supporting you with any decisions or changes that need to be made last minute. I simply offer you educated choices at each stage so you have the information to choose the birth that suits you. It’s a delicate balance of knowing when to encourage & when to help you with alternatives. But whatever you decide, I’m there with you… your not alone.

I follow up with you after the birth and cathartically debrief about the day. We celebrate the wins and download the emotions together. I find out what you need and what support you require moving forward. Need a break, a sleep, a meal? I’m here to care for you, so you can care for baby.

Throughout your pregnancy and beyond, I’m your birthing buddy, so if you need a phone call, questions answered, a book to borrow, birthing equipment I am available to support you in any way I can. Think of my like your birthing personal trainer!

Feeling Nervous?

You don't have to be