Hi I’m Jade a local northern beaches mum and birth coach and I would LOVE to invite you to to celebrate the birth of my third baby BIRTHTOOLS!

BirthTools is a NEW online birth education for women experience birth feeling joyful and ready to mother. In comparison to the stories we so often hear.

Join us in changing the experience Australian women and their partners have during pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

Birthing is the start of creating a family and I want all women and partners to birth with confidence, dignity and freedom of choice.

Pregnant women and partners… Join us in changing how women birth so that we hear more positive stories.

Free Online Birth Course

The intro to BirthTools plus a bunch of practical tools to help you get ready for labour.  Here’s what’s included in the the free trial:

  • Revealed: When to Go to Hospital
  • Listen & Transform Your Fears Into Trust
  • Packing your Caesarean Hospital Bag
  • Can Your Epidural Lead To A Positive Birth?
  • Should I Wake My Baby To Feed?
So head over to BirthTools and grab yourself a freebie.


At the moment we don’t have as many times available for Sydney locations. This doesn’t mean we can’t book it in, but the price increases by $150 ($800).

To book, send us a message and your preferable first booking and I will get in contact!

Free Birth Workshop

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5 Secrets

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