Lexi’s Lengthy Labour

Mackenzie Cate Timm - Born at 39w2d - 34 hour labour - Weight 3333g
Joy after birth

This is the story of Alexis & Nic. They welcomed me on their pregnancy journey in their late 2nd trimester shortly after completing childbirth education & realising that birth can be exciting and empowering. My favourite thing about Lexi was her voice. She was determined to lead the way when it came to how she wanted to be treated & what treatment she was ok with. There was a lot of anxiety because of hospital restrictions & she wouldn’t take no for an answer when it came to having me in her birth space. And so I was there because of that strength & it was an amazing birth to witness. I am really excited to share the birth of  Mackenzie with you…..

Meet Lexi…

Contractions“I went into early labour on the 11.1.21. My first surge woke me from my sleep at 7am. At the time I wasn’t sure whether or not I was in labour so I messaged Jade, who reminded me if it was labour, it would only be early and to go about life normally. During the day my show appeared and I continued to have irregular surges. Distracting myself by baking and playing PS3, I remained calm and it seemed like a very normal day. I had frequent showers throughout the day as the water made a good distraction.

Nic my partner, arrived home around 5:30pm and I joked with him that he better be prepared to drive me to the hospital any minute. He allowed me to rest. Around 7pm, my surges increased in intensity and became more frequent.

We set up a safe space in my lounge room, lit with candles, pillows on the floor and my hypnobirth tracks were playing.

Around 9pm, whilst laying on the floor, I calmly told Nic to tell Jade I needed her as I was losing my groove. Jade made her way to me as quick as possible and she got me back in my groove and guided Nic to help me. It must have been midnight when we decided to walk up and down the street, sometimes up and down the gutter just to get things moving. During each surge Nic or Jade would apply the counter pressure hip squeeze which was amazing and helped ease my surges. On the way back to our apartment a stray cat followed us down the street as if it knew something special was about to happen. We made jokes that the neighbourhood cats and I became friends.

We continued to stay home up until 2am, where decided to go to the Northern Beaches Hospital as my surges were getting more and more frequent. Unfortunately, after having my cervix checked, I was only at 2cm and nearly fully effaced. I decided to go home and spend more time in my safe place we had created.

After a long night and morning, we made the call to go back to the hospital. I was fully effaced at this point but only 3cm dilated. We made the call to stay. Jade ran the bath and began setting up my safe space in the birth suite. We had LED candles, an oil diffuser and my hypnobirth tracks playing.

By 10 am I was exhausted. I wanted to rest. I opted for morphine to help me relax. Unfortunately, that meant monitoring. I wasn’t prepared to stay in the one spot to be monitored. I wanted to walk and use the shower. They eventually pulled some strings and agreed to let me utilize the water if I agreed to hold the monitor on myself. By this point I was very quiet, relaxed and doey. Nic and Jade would take turns feeding me ice, snacks and pour cold water on me.

12pm I was considered to be in active labour. The endorphins had really started to kick in by this point and I was in a good groove. I continued to breathe and relax as the morphine allowed me to rest. – It was kind of like being super drunk

The morphine began to wear off at the WORST possible time. I was leaning over the birth ball, with Jade holding the shower head on my back, and the midwife told me I needed a cannula due to high blood pressure. NOPE. This really ruined my groove and I began crying for an Epidural. She eventually gave up on finding a vein and we agreed to have one more blood pressure reading. Jade, Nic and my midwife began trying to resettle me.  We agreed that I would try Gas before opting for an Epidural.

Little did I know that this intense moment was actually my transition.

I was sitting on the toilet when they brought the gas in before retaking my blood pressure(which ended up being fine). Once I was on the gas, my entire state changed and I went back to being relaxed and doey. Nic and Jade reminded me of a few funny things I did and said while drunk on gas. On was “bopping” Nic on the nose and laughing, another was giving the midwife a massive thumbs up and then I apparently called one of the doctors cute! – CRINGE.

We moved back into the bath and I was just overflowing with endorphins and oxytocin. I was in another world. I felt my waters break with a massive POP.

Then the surges began to change. The sensation was different. It turned into pressure.

water birthThey checked me again at 4:30 and I was 10cm with a cervical lip in the way. Jade helped me utilise different labour positions to get the lip to move. Around 5pm the midwife had stepped out of the room to get some equipment as she knew we were close. In that 5 minutes, I looked at Nic and Jade and said “OHHH I REALLY NEED TO POO” I jumped out of the bath and sat on the toilet bearing down. Poor Jade thought she was going to catch my baby on the toilet! She pushed the button for my midwife to come back. 5 minutes later I’m back in the bath bearing down. Nic used our anchor touch to keep me calm while Jade reminded me how to breathe.


25 minutes later, our beautiful daughter arrived into this world. I couldn’t believe I had done it.

Unfortunately she needed CPAP so she was quickly taken to next to me for oxygen while I delivered my placenta and went to the bed to be examined.

Shortly after, Mackenzie was wrapped and given to me so we could have our precious golden hour. Later on she had to go to special care for low blood sugar, most likely, due to some medication that I was taking.

It was so surreal having our girl earthside.


Her 5 Points to Positive

What is she most proud of?

“I brought my baby into the world positively without panicking. I achieved something I never thought I could.”

What was her OMG moment?

DEFINITELY when the midwife told me I was ready to push! It was time to meet our baby!

What was the best thing her partner did?

He didn’t leave my side the entire time I was in labour, which meant he was awake for 48 hours straight the poor thing.

What does she want YOU to know?

Trust your body, trust your instincts. Remember there is no right or wrong way to give birth and no matter how you do it, you are perfect.

Best thing about having a doula?

Jade gave me the push I needed to make the right informed decisions during my labour, she supported all my choices throughout my pregnancy and post partum journey.  She was that lending hand I never knew I needed until I had her. She’s a remarkable woman.

Questions about Doulas?

Whatsapp me now for a quick reply!
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