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Choosing your Childbirth Education Class is a big decision as there are so many options. If you have any questions or want to enquire about my personalised classes or my birth support program then don’t hesitate to call or whatsapp me!

Our classes are based in North Brisbane but we service all areas for our private classes including Brisbane CBD & South of Brisbane. I travel further as well, you just need to enquire!

Jade van Dijk

Creator & educator

I have been working with birthing women for some time now and I love developing relationships withese mothers and help them feel supported. It became apparent to me that the birth education they were paying for just wasn’t what women actually needed.

I started thinking about creating BirthTools™ because I felt like the mother’s who were working with me needed to learn more than just how to have a natural birth, they needed to know how to make interventions in birth part of their positive birth plan, because the reality of birthing in a hospital means that these recommendations may become our reality.

My favourite thing about being part of the birth team is being proven time and time again that women know best and they just need unwavering support!


postnatal trainer

The postpartum period is often overlooked in pregnancy care and birth education. We recurited Ali because she is passionate about helping women return to themselves while embracing the changes of our mothering bodies.

Alison is the creator of MTB Mamas on the Central Coast and is also a personal trainer specialising in mothers both new and years onwards.

Her goal is to help women navigate mountain biking and exercise during the pregnancy and postpartum chapters and beyond with three main phases – Restoring, Rebuilding and Dynamic. These phases begin with post birth rehabilitation all the way through to athletic and dynamic phases supporting the whole woman, inside and out.

She offers great information about prolapse, pelvic floor rehab and so much more in BirthTools.

Dr Kirsten Hannan

Osteopath & IBCLC

BirthTools needed professional help to create our breastfeeding and newborn care program so we found Kirsten!

She is an Australian trained and registered osteopath with 15 years of clinical practice experience. Offering osteopathic health care for the whole family, with a particular interest in pregnancy and postpartum care and working with babies and children of all ages. She is also a registered International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

With this unique skill set, Kirsten prides herself on integrating the very best of bodywork and evidence-based lactation care and support to help mums overcome any obstacles and reach their breastfeeding goals, whatever they may be.

Prepare for Birth When it Doesn't go to Plan

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Enjoy birth and postpartum content that is broken up in easy to grasp videos of about 10 minutes long


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We’ve done all the research, so you and your partner can take the best labour and birth tools and apply it easily


happy mothers

Our mothers have loved learning the unique content. It’s because this course was crafted by a doula who knows what actually works!

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At the moment we don’t have as many times available for Sydney locations. This doesn’t mean we can’t book it in, but the price increases by $150 ($800).

To book, send us a message and your preferable first booking and I will get in contact!


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