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Our antenatal birthing classes are held Face to Face in Brisbane & Australia-Wide over Zoom. Choose below what type of prenatal birthing class you would prefer and then nominate in the deposit and booking form what type of personalised class you are needing. We accomodate all birthing mother’s needs.

signature birthTOOLS online course

$ 299 or $33 x 9 months
  • 6 Units of Birth & Postnatal Preparation
  • Learn in Your Own Time and Space
  • Section Dedicated to Birth Partners
  • Cheat Sheets, Podcasts & Quizzes
  • Instant Access
  • 12 Month Subscription

budget birth prep

$ 399 in your home/zoom
  • Face to Face Labour & Birth Session
  • 1 x 3 Hour Visit in your Home (Brisbane)
    Zoom Options (Australia Wide)
  • Birth Partner's Encouraged to Join!
  • Online Course Access (so you can get everything else in your own time)
  • Opt-in to our Pregnancy & Birth Support Program

complete birth &
pregancy class

$ 650 in your home/zoom
  • Personal Birth & Pregnancy Education Program
  • Spread Over 2 x Sessions at a Time that Suits You
  • Refreshments Provided (home options only)
  • Online Course Access to Compliment Your Learning
  • Opt-in to our Pregnancy & Birth Support Program

What you will learn... (Plus more)

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budget birth prep

A low cost option for women who want the best birth education as well as learning how to prepare for labour with their support person. We combine our full online birthing course with a personalised birth & labour prep session privately in your home. This is a great option for parents who really want a helping hand for what to do when your labour starts.

3 x Hr Face to Face Session in your Home/Zoom
12 Month Access to BirthTools Online Video Class
Pregnancy & Birth Planning Advice from Jade
Opt-in to our 24/7 Birth Phone Support (+$50)

More Info

Full cost due at time of booking
Brisbane (In Home) Australia Wide (Zoom)

complete birth & pregnancy class

A private, personalised & comprehensive antenatal and birth preparation class. You recieve everything in the Budget Birth Prep for Labour plus I take you through the ins and outs of all your options in detail.  This is the perfect option for a mother or couple who want a comprehensive birthing class from start to finish.

2 x (3.5 hr) Face to Face Session in your Home
Alternative Zoom Option: 3 Sessions over 3 x Weeks
12 Month Access to BirthTools Online Video Class
Ongoing Pregnancy & Birth Planning Support
Opt-in to our 24/7 Birth Phone Service

Deposit of $150 due at time of booking
Remainder ($500) due 7 days prior to session.
Brisbane (In Home) Australia Wide (Zoom)

Signature BirthTools course (online)

My signature course was created with love for the mother and father who really like to work at the own pace. It features 6 amazing units of online birth education with short and snappy videos, worksheets for birth planning, cheat sheets for your birth partner plus postpartum feeding and recovery tips. Watch and learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home for a fraction of the cost of other birth courses out there.

Multiple class options to choose from: VBAC, Caesarean (coming soon), Twins as well as First Time Mothers
12 Month Subscription & Instant Access
Free Trial Available
Payment Plan Available

OR $33 per month for 9 months

We know Birth Doesn't Always Go to Plan

How can you Overcome it Anyway? What are the Common roadblocks? We'll teach you what your hospital won't

All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

We recommend booking in from anytime in your third trimester. The ideal time would be before 30-35 weeks so you have plenty of time to plan, process and even change your plans if that’s what you want to do!

It’s never too late (unless you’ve had your baby) to do our birthing classes. In fact, you may find the personalised advice from our doula educators helpful so close to your due date.

Our online birth course can be finished easily within 7 days and if you book our private session I can accomodate you quickly.

Give me a call 0452614202 if you would like to know a plan of action on how to get the most of the short time you may have!

You don’t need to do a hospital antenatal class if you take BirthTools™. We teach you everything your hospital offers and much more. This is because your hospital is only allowed to teach you their policies and we want you to know everything that will benefits you!

We recommend choosing comfortable clothing. We have air conditioning and heating plus mats, birth balls and cushions for you and your birth partner. You will do a little bit of movement on the day, so just wear what you might to a pilates or yoga class!

The items we would like you to bring are:

  • drink bottle
  • smart phone or tablet with the BirthTools™ Class Guide that will be sent to you

There is so much to learn about birth but we want to make it simple. We cover topics like the birthing process from your perspective as well as the hospitals. While other courses focus on natural birth (and we do too) we like to be realistic and make sure you know all about common interventions and changes while keeping your birth amazing! 

We personalise the class based on your pregnancy concerns and questions, which is why we like you to be detailed in your booking form. Of course there is so much more, like positions for birth, how to have a natural birth and we also focus on caesarean section as an option, pain relief (natural and medical) plus everything to do with feeding your baby!

We know it’s hard to retain information when your pregnant, so we have made a simple digital handout sent to you. It has birth plan options, cheat sheets and information you can refer back to. Not to mention that anything we show you in class is available in video form with your online BirthTools™ subscription.

You can reach out directly by emailing, calling, texting or sending an online enquiry. See our contact page.

After each class I invite couples to opt-in to our 24/7 birth support program. This means that you can contact me directly prior to your labour to chat about any concerns or changes that come your way. It also means that when you’re in labour you can reach out for some suggestions, reminders or encouragement. When you opt-in you agree to share your birth plan with me and keep me updated with any induction or caesarean booking dates so I can make sure I am available to pick up the phone anytime.

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At the moment we don’t have as many times available for Sydney locations. This doesn’t mean we can’t book it in, but the price increases by $150 ($800).

To book, send us a message and your preferable first booking and I will get in contact!


5 Secrets

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