Do you have the desire to birth unassisted?

Even with your deep confidence, the path to complete autonomy can feel overwhelming.  Do you yearn for someone who has walked this path before and helps you find comfort in your own instincts?

My presence is purely supportive, non-medical, and deeply comforting, empowering you to birth naturally and confidently in your home, surrounded by trust and respect.

Do these challenges
sound familiar?

“How do I to begin preparing for a freebirth with the vast amount of information and possibilites?”

“I feel anxious about facing unexpected challenges during labor and birth without the reassurance of a supportive presence by my side.”

I feel torn between my desire for a completely private freebirth at home and the need for reassurance and comfort from someone who trusts the birth experience.”

“I’m concerned that without proper support, my partner may doubt your ability to birth unassisted in the moment, leading to unnecessary stress and anxiety.”

Without the right support and resources, your dream of an empowered, autonomous birth could turn into a journey of overwhelm where you find yourself back in the system

Hi, I'm Jade

As a twin mum and doula who has witnessed many births both in and out of hospitals, I have come to realize that birth held in the hands of only the mother is the safest way to bring a baby into the world. I am so confident of this that I only support freebirths and no longer attend hospital births. I also created my own childbirth course that specialises in helping women discover the “system” secrets.

After a vaginal birth with my twins & subsequent freebirth with my youngest, I successfully managed a postpartum hemorrhage and fourth-degree tear, at home without transfer. I am confident in the body’s ability to birth and heal.


You can read my birth story here

Pregnant woman holding her belly

The women I work with recieve personalized, one-on-one support from pregnancy into the postpartum. This experience provides them with wisdom and knowledge of what true physiological birth looks like. As a birthkeeper, I witness, support, and hold space for a mother, allowing her to make her own decisions during pregnancy, labor, and birth.

With me, you’ll receive comprehensive support including childbirth classes, a birth pool loan, an option for TENS machine & breast pump hire, plus postpartum care with the first four days of meals
all thoughtfully included in my package fee.

What is a birthkeeper?

Being a seasoned birthworker, I honor your intuition and create a sacred space for you to make your own decisions. My presence is purely supportive, non-medical, and deeply comforting, empowering you to birth naturally and confidently in your home, surrounded by trust and respect.

I am a woman who is familiar with labour and birth, trusts the physiological process and has been welcomed into many birth spaces. Therefore my value comes from being able to provide: resources, a listening ear and helping you find the tools that if you chose to birth alone, you would with contentment and ease.

while working together
you will...

Lay the Foundation

Creating a connection is pivotal. My aim is to understand you, your partner, and your journey towards freebirth.

Together, we’ll develop a clear, personalized plan addressing your concerns, fears, and needs, and figuring out where you can begin to birth unassisted.

Each session will leave you feeling comforted and ready to dive into birthing on your own terms, fully supported and understood.

Craft your birth vision

Take control of your childbirth experience by creating a comprehensive birth plan and understanding the physiology of birth.

No longer doubt your intuition, as you’ll be equipped with evidence-based and anecdotal resources.

Be confident in your ability to handle anything that comes your way, with your birth partner trusting the process and fully supporting you as the ultimate authority.

Birth with autonomy

By the end of your pregnancy, you will feel ready and excited to bring your child into the world without distractions.

Your partner will be by your side and call me when you need the team to be complete.

I will support you in trusting your intuition, assist your partner in caring for you, and hold space as you birth your baby in the comfort of your home.

What does a
Birthkeeper Cost?

When working with families my package price is non-negotiable, even if you choose not to utilize inclusions like a birth pool or postpartum nutrition. It is also really important to me as  your birthkeeper that you attend all three preparation sessions in order for me to feel confident that we can work together. As a courtesy & to ease the strain on a family I accept payment plans and will refund your costs minus any visits already completed if you sadly miscarry.

We book in a obligation free chat which I prefer to do face to face over zoom. It’s to understand your needs, expectations, & for you to ask any questions while we work out whether we are a good fit.

Working with a woman who decides to freebirth means that I have to be confident that you are looking to take complete responsibility and not wanting to outsource decisions like you would to a midwife or doctor. My role is completely non-medical and I in no way assess or act as someone with authority in your birth space. This meeting helps to identify what it is you need and how I can assist you in the journey of autonomy.

I come to you & dad so I can get familiar with you and your home. We cover, what you envision & any concerns you have. Each meeting we build a stronger connection. This helps us to identify any anxieties and then open the way for what resources you need to feel fully capable to birth your baby in your own power. 

Most women find that the prior sessions together & my childbirth class are completely adequate to help them feel confident in their ability to birth, but just to make sure, I offer another session if there is more connection needed.

After working with women for many years I realised that Birth Classes were lacking and so I created my own patented online course. BirthTools is the only birthing class that delivers unfiltered truths and practical strategies through a 6-unit online video program, tailored for women who’ve encountered challenging birth stories or experienced them firsthand. My class empowers couples to achieve a positive birth experience tailored to their needs.

The class is originally designed for hospital birthers but it covers what every woman needs to know to make active decisions towards a freebirth or understand the hospital system if there is a transfer.

After completing the online birth class, we reconvene so I can answer any burning questions or simply help you find further resources you realised you desire.

Our relationship doesn’t simply start and end with our mentoring sessions. I’m available via email or phone, with regular check-ins throughout your pregnancy.

Although I am always willing to be at your birth early or late, I make sure to be ready for your call day or night when you *think* your 38 weeks pregnant. That way you know you can call me, even if it’s a false alarm!

The time of birth has arrived and you and your birthing partner are ready and excited. At some point you may wish to ask me to be present and I am there to help you find comfort and endurance in labour. As you you make decisions as the ultimate authority, my main purpose is to reduce anxiety, balance privacy and support giving you confidence knowing you have a trusted mentor who supports and believes in your ability to birth unassisted.

Alongside staying 2-3 hours post-birth to help settle the family to ensure a smooth transition from birth to rest, I will return in the coming days to check in. You may simply want to relive the experience, gather my photographs or benefit from further resources as you embark on caring for your newborn. Even though this will be our last face to face visit, I am still in regular contact with you until you return back to your “normal” life.

The first few days of rest and nutrition are pivotal for recovery. It is my pleasure to provide the first four days of meals for mum. They are homemade, arrive frozen and include, breakfast lunch and dinner. The menu is based on Heng Ou’s “The First Forty Days” which encourages, soft, warm and nutrient dense meals. I cater to all dietary requirements.

A birth pool is often an added expense but as I work with a select few clients I am able to provide a loan of my birth pools as included in my package. I will provide a (one time) liner and you simply need to get yourself a food grade hose which can be used only once and purchased from Bunnings. Using my pool means I can drop it off, show you how to set it up and then collect after our debrief session, making it easier for families.

I also offer multiple options for a breast pump, if you need one and the use of my tens machine during labour.



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Birth is my passion

Over the years I have worked with countless mothers in many birth spaces. My days are filled with caring for my three boys, supporting women to trust themselves & teaching childbirth education on the side. Caring for mother’s and babies isn’t a ‘job,’ it’s my life mission.

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