This is Me... Jade

My passion for pregnancy and birth began from an early age. I couldn’t wait to give birth myself. While supporting my sister in the birth of her baby girl I caught a glimpse of how hospital policy and changing staff can really disrupt a birthing woman. It was there I saw the need for continuous emotional, practical and informational support during my own birthing journey.

After the wonderful one on one support and assistance during my own twin birth, I was able to deliver my boys safely and completely without fear. It was wonderful. From this point forward it became my mission to help other women to be informed, empowered and supported in the the way they choose to have their baby or babies!

My favourite part about supporting births is building that special relationship with women and couples & being inspired by their confidence to advocate for themselves.

Certified through the Australian Doula College, I would love to assist you on your transition from maiden to mother. I am here for you your entire pregnancy & on call for the birth of your precious babe. I can’t wait to start this journey with you.


What do people say?

Things don’t always go to plan but when you’re exhausted and stressed, having someone experienced by your side to help navigate makes a world of difference. This was the 3rd child for us, the first time we’ve used a doula and by far, the best birthing experience we’ve had. Thank you Jade.
During my labour, Jade was by our side the entire time supporting us. Having Jade there resulted in me having the most empowering birth experience. I managed to birth our beautiful daughter in the birth pool with nothing but gas, morphine and my hypnobirth breathing techniques that Jade kept reminding me to do.

Questions about Doulas?

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At the moment we don’t have as many times available for Sydney locations. This doesn’t mean we can’t book it in, but the price increases by $150 ($800).

To book, send us a message and your preferable first booking and I will get in contact!


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