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Want to book a comprehensive birth class but don’t have the time or money? Childbirth Educator and owner of BirthTools™, Jade van Dijk is offering her Birth Preparation Sessions for Free when you purchase a BirthTools™ Online Course.  Book Now to lock in your couples session!

October 13 & 14th 2023
Limited Sessions Available.
Sydney Locations Only
Offer not valid on payment plan options

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We teach you how to create a dynamic birth plan that changes as your labour changes. i'm going to teach you what your hospital doesn't want you to know!

Unit 1 - birth your way

What’s the Real Point of a Birth Plan?
Your Many Options (not just Public or Private)
How Birth Actually Works
How to Hack Your Hormones & Dilate!

Unit 2 - Stages of Labour

Why Early Labour is the Most Important Stage
How to Make Sure You Don’t Get to the Hospital Too Early
What Pushing Out a Baby Really Feels Like
Cord Blood Banking and What They Don’t Tell You

Unit 3 - Your Baby's Arrival

Getting Breastfeeding Off to a Good Start
How  Do I Know My Baby is Getting Enough?
How to Bottle Feed Your Baby & Pump Milk
The Quickest Ways To Sterilise Bottles
Interviews with our Lactation Professional

Unit 4 - Induction Navigation

Your EDD, Big Baby’s & Why You Don’t Have To Be Induced
Should You Get a Stretch & Sweep?
What is the Most Successful Induction Method?
What are the Pros & Cons of Pain Relief in Labour?
Best Positions & Tips When You Have an Epidural

Unit 5 - Atlas of Assisted Birth

Watch Real Caesarean Births
How You Can Turn Your C- Section into a Vaginal Birth
Forceps or Vacuum Birth – Which One?
The Secret to Recovery After Caesarean Section

Unit 6 - The Birthing Partner's Guide

10 Things Your Partner Can Do During Labour
Advice from Real Dads
What to Do if Your Baby is Born Before You Arrive!
Incredible Raw + Real Birth Videos
Recovery Tips from our Postpartum Professional Alison Frendin

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+ your bonus 2 hr private lesson

Sydney Mothers - Friday 13th October & Saturday 14th October Only -
Limited Sessions Available. Offer not valid on payment plan options

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Nice to meet you, I'm Jade van Dijk.

After supporting over 60+ women in their birth space I realised that something was missing from the birth education they were paying for. So I set out to create a course that was affordable but also actually helpful. I’ll teach you what your hospital doesn’t!

What do our mother's say?

“I gave birth to a healthy baby girl vaginally this morning and wanted to thank you for all your guidance! Engaging the baby really helped with fast pushing since she came out in 4 pushes!”
Ellie. N
“I personally felt safe and secure with Jade's practical help as she truly listened to me. She provided me with useful techniques and guided me through early labour at home."
Rochelle. C
“Working with Jade was an absolute game changer for me and my family. I had a fantastic birth and the difference in my postpartum recovery was night and day."
Natasha. H
“Even after two previous births we learnt so much from Jade.”
“I highly recommend it for anyone who's looking for a practical birth education course, and it won't take months to complete either. It even has awesome advice for partners and support people”
Chloe. S
“Thank you, Birth Tools, for empowering my VBAC birth! It was honestly my dream birth and the most amazing experience of my life.”
Jenny. B

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