Birthing Classes With A Difference

The only antenatal birthing class that offers affordable face to face learning combined with our signature online course plus the personal benefit of birth support over the phone before and during your labour.

Why You Should choose BirthTools™


Real Birthworkers

This is the only birth education program that is guaranteed to be taught by an experienced birth worker. That means, you are supported by someone that literally sees birth all the time!


Bonus Online Content

We don't expect you to remember everything on the day. Therefore, all couples recieve full access to our online BirthTools Birthing Video Course so you can go back and watch again!


24/7 Phone Support

Each couple can opt in to our pregnancy and labour support program. This means that for no extra cost you can call your educator, day or night for tips, tricks or simply needing help in the moment!

pick your antenatal birth class

Choose between learning completely online, in a group setting or booking a private birth class in your home. Our courses are always personalised to your pregnancy and birth preferences.

first time mum birth class

Whether your wanting a natural hospital birth, want to know how to plan your epidural or engage a midwife for your homebirth, we have got you covered.

Vbac birth class

Are you wanting a vaginal birth after c section and need an antenatal class that specialises in what you need? Our class has helped many women achieve their VBAC and also covers repeat caesarean for peace of mind.

twins birth class

Twins and Triplet birth classes are hard to find, so we have created something special for those multiple mamas needing antenatal care. You'll learn the differences between vaginal birth vs c section and how to feed two or three babies after birth.

c section class

Just because you have planned your cesarean section, doesn't mean that we have forgotten about you. We help you birth plan your c section, learn what your partner can do and how to recover well plus all the newborn feeding tricks just for you.

Supporting Women is a passion

After working in the birth space and raising my twin sons, I created BirthTools Birthing Classes because something was missing. I wanted to fill the gaps of education by making sure partners were well equipped and mother’s knew the roadblocks that often occur that can derail your birth plan. My class is unique because you get taught what I have learnt as a doula who has supported 60+ women to birth on their own terms.

What are mothers & father's saying?

"What makes BirthTools so good is that she actually made the course relevant to me as a dad. It wasn't boring either. I actually enjoyed giving up my day to learn about birth!
"Jade goes over the types of things that might not go to plan. She calls them 'Roadblocks" and it really helped me during my labour because it's exactly what happened and I already knew what I wanted to do!"
“The tools, exercises and resources Jade provided were game changers and set us up for the most amazing and empowered birth experience. Highly recommend!

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At the moment we don’t have as many times available for Sydney locations. This doesn’t mean we can’t book it in, but the price increases by $150 ($800).

To book, send us a message and your preferable first booking and I will get in contact!


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